January 3, 2017

A year in review | 2016


2016 was just a fantastic year.  I hope it was just as magical for you as well.

 I left 2015 feeling a little crushed, a little hopeless and a bit tired.  I had no idea where to direct myself, where to go and what to open myself up to next.  I wanted to elevate my ideas and push myself into something better into 2016.  So after I got over my initial creative block, I decided to rebrand and go forth.

I connected with some other amazing photographers this year who truly inspire me and gave me invaluable advice, which helped me grasp what I wanted to change most (for the better) going forward.  It goes without saying that my success this year means nothing without the support of my lovely clients.

You entrust me to capture your fleeting milestones and celebrations, and in turn I can create something beautiful for you to reflect upon for years to come.

Weddings are amazing to me.  It’s like a whirlwind of love, beauty and connection going a million miles an hour…so I know it’s oh-so-important to capture all of the lovely parts of the day.  To everyone I worked with in the past year – you are incredible and I am so humbled that I was a part of your wedding celebrations.  To everyone going into next year –  I am so excited that I will be there to work my magic and create something beautiful for you.  To all the families I captured this year, I had the best time with all of you and hopefully I will have the pleasure of documenting you into 2017 and beyond.  Generally speaking, it’s my job to create timeless imagery for you, so that you have photographs to look back upon that will trigger the happy button in your heart and give you that warm rosy feeling all over.

I’m feeling ultra positive about going into 2017 and can’t wait to reflect yet again when the time comes.  I love all y’all! XOCJ