August 30, 2016

Chris + Courtney | Windsor Ontario Willistead Manor Wedding


I loved Chris and Courtney’s wedding.  So many personal touches and unique ideas, I asked them to tell us a bit about their lovely day!

First your love.  What do you guys love the most about each other? What are you looking forward to next?

Chris: ” I love her goofy sense of humour and caring, thoughtful ways.”   Courtney: “I love his blue-eyed, bearded handsomeness and his unwavering dependability. He’s always there for me.  We are looking forward to growing old together and having lots of fun adventures (we just returned home from our honeymoon in Ireland!)”

What did you guys love the most about your wedding day?

“The first look!  Chris says he was fine and calm all morning but when he heard I was close, his heart started racing… he says it was very exciting knowing I was behind him. He knew I would be “beautiful” but the rush of seeing me for the first time was overwhelming. I liked this part because we were finally in it together for the rest of the day. Enough with the hair and makeup, I wanted to be with my man!

Also, our intimate ceremony in the Library at Willistead (our friend Jason’s reading of E.E. Cummings’ “I Carry Your Heart With Me” gave us all the feels! It helps that it was his anniversary and his wife was in the wedding party <3) and amazing architecture at Water’s edge (refurbished Church). We loved the mix of the small library and grand ballroom.

I asked my dad to play Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness” on saxophone and he surprised us by getting my mum and two sisters onstage for percussion, and asking his friend Bob to come play guitar and his friend Laurie to sing.  What an amazing moment!”

What details made your wedding unique? Any personal touches?

“Our wedding was all book-theme.  I made Chris’ boutonniere out of a Batman comic book and had roses in my bouquet made from the pages of several novels.  Our Guest favours and place cards for seating had each person’s name and a quote from C.S. Lewis on the back.
Our rings were also tied to an old copy of Macbeth my sister gave me for Christmas with the teacher’s notes inside the margins.  Chris did all the graphic design, he also assembled the footage for our wedding video, it’s a nice keepsake for the years to come.

Our dear friend Jenn’s mom Carla made our cake. From the front it was beautiful with a variety of flowers and our signature “bum graze” cake topper but when turned around it was hiding a city scape with the Bat signal in the night sky.  We also decided to do a book page toss! (kind of like confetti or sparklers) which ended the formalities of the evening and got the party started!”

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Venue – Willistead Manor Library | Water’s Edge Event Centre

Florals & Decorator – Compliments G’lor

Cupcakes & Cake – Carly’s Cake Corner

Lighting – Marz Media

Caricatures – Peter Zin

Hair – Valerie Pekrul

Makeup – Melissa Lux

Officiant – Janna Tetler