August 21, 2016

Jamie + Carly | Wedding Preview


It rained. The sun shone threw the clouds briefly. Vows were said.  There were tears. There were hugs. There was dancing.

Can’t wait to share this whole day, but for now here is a quick look at Jamie and Carly’s intimate cottage wedding. XOCJ

JCpreview-1 JCpreview-2 JCpreview-3 JCpreview-4 JCpreview-5 JCpreview-6 JCpreview-7 JCpreview-8 JCpreview-9 JCpreview-10 JCpreview-11 JCpreview-12 JCpreview-13 JCpreview-14 JCpreview-15

Mother Tucker : 16:59 August 21, 2016 Reply
Stunning photos. Great to meet you, in person, too 😍